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Expert UX Design & UI Application Development in Atlanta, Georgia

Maestral Solutions, one of Atlanta’s best custom software development companies, understands that creating custom web, mobile & hybrid applications with impressive UX design and intuitive UI development is, in the long run, what makes a new product a success in the marketplace. When you partner with Maestral Solutions to develop your custom app, our UX designers and UI developers collaborate with you and your teams (IT & Marketing or whomever you feel has a vested interest in your new custom application) to develop an application with a responsive UX design & intuitive UI concept that encompasses all the key factors that make a software product relatable to users. An approach that our application development team has embraced, based on insight from our UX designers, is to design mobile first. The mobile first strategy is opposite of the standard design strategy which is to design applications for desktops, modify them by taking out elements for tablets and then modify them again for mobile devices. Mobile first reverses that process and starts by designing custom applications for mobile and then adds elements as the application is adjusted for tablets and desktops. This effective development strategy allows us to build custom web or native applications that have a more responsive design on mobile devices.

What makes an impressive UX design?

If you are following UX best practices, like app developers at Maestral Solutions always do, the key to a great UX design is the usability and accessibility that ultimately create pleasure for the user during their interaction with a mobile, web or hybrid application.

  • Usability is achieved when the UX design is programmed in such a way that the user can achieve their goals with effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction.
  • Accessibility is achieved when the UX design is in such a way that the user quickly comprehends a web app, mobile app or hybrid app features & functionality and can easily navigate through the custom software.

How do you determine usability and accessibility?
The simple answer is through research. One of the main jobs of a UX designer and eventually the entire custom software development team is to build an app to serve specific user requirements.

Why do you need this mobile application? What are you trying to achieve? 
The UX designer wants to understand the strategy and customer insight, the rationale behind the product and design approach. 
What is driving the custom application design decisions?
 It is in your best interest to get the UX designers & UI App Developers involved during these strategic parts of application planning. This is where the UX designers and UI application developers at Maestral Solutions excel. Our UX designers dive into our client’s brand and products to get the best understanding of their brand identity and mission. To begin their UX concepts, they may conduct surveying or focus groups, create mood boards and mental models or do some competitive analysis. Essentially, we conduct research and perform audits to determine the best approach to take. From there, the UX designers will begin to lay out their interpretation of the product by story boarding their ideas for presentation to the stakeholders. At this point, they may consult with the UI developers to ensure their vision will result in a responsive design. It is critical that the UX design communicates the vision in such a way to get buy in from not only the client but also the UI developers - storyboards really help during this process.

Once the application design has been approved (usually after some back and forth), the UX designers then need to formally communicate their vision to the UI app developers. To do this, they will create descriptive wireframes, diagrams and system maps to clearly represent the layout for the user experience. The UX design is a critical aspect of any app development process and should be incorporated in each activity from brainstorming and research through to user testing. Then possibly revised wireframes for fine-tuning in response to user test results. At our Atlanta software development company, we believe that all team members should be involved throughout the entire app design and development process. To guarantee this, the experts at Maestral Solutions have chosen to use the Design Studio methodology, which allows our teams to explore opportunities, create innovative products with high quality UI design to better serve customer needs.

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