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Affordable App Developers Based in Atlanta, Georgia

Maestral Solutions’ affordable web and mobile application development team recognizes how the app development landscape has changed for clients today. Our client’s find that they can no longer simply say “let’s build a web app or mobile app for that” and subsequently carry out that task with relative ease. Simplicity with web and mobile app development is a thing of the past. With today’s important questions about whether to develop a web or native mobile app, our clients find that app development is more complex and expensive.  Maestral Solutions offers the most comprehensive and affordable app development in Atlanta. 

Why does Maestral Solutions offer the most affordable mobile application development to its clients? 
The answer is actually quite simple; we focus on developing affordable mobile apps to meet the end user’s needs. Our client feedback and referrals indicate that we are the premier, affordable mobile app development company in Atlanta.  Maestral Solutions philosophy is to not only stay in touch with mobile app end users requirements, but also their behaviors. Our Atlanta mobile app development team determined that the classic mobile app experience of using your Smartphone while sitting in the passenger seat or while waiting on line has evolved. Many people now prefer to use their Smartphone’s over their PCs when both are available at their disposal. 

Bottom line is:  the mobile app experience is an evolving one that is based on the end user’s convenience and requirements. Communicating and helping clients understand our philosophy of offering considering the end-user requirements and experience in mind allows us to offer affordable mobile application development services. Our skill in native mobile app development for iOS and Android is second to none. Our Atlanta app developers are trained and qualified in iOS and Android development languages and resources (Objective-C and Xcode with iOS, Eclipse and Java with Android). 

Similarly, we provide affordable app development for web apps using our expertise with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. We also have the capability to offer affordable Hybrid mobile app development using the best aspects of both native and web apps. Our skills coupled with our app development philosophy enable us to provide software development solutions that our priced right to meet your app development budget.

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What we do

Product development

We specialize in rapid prototyping, which leads to quicker releases that are scalable and secure.

UX design

We deliver a delightful user experience and interfaces with less clicks and less taps.

Product sustainment

We support and maintain existing products with fixes and enhancements.


We serve as knowledgeable guides when transitioning to a DevOps organization.