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Mobile Platform Application Development - Serving Clients in Atlanta and Around The World

Mobile apps, specifically native apps are traditionally applications designed for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Apps for phones and apps for tablets, in many cases, are a viable option for clients wishing to reach a specific target audience such as a corporate headquarters looking to supply or retrieve information from employees via a closed system. Or, you may choose to develop a mobile native app if you would like your app to take advantage of the latest technologies offered on a given device, such as a GPS system. We have extensive experience in designing and implementing applications for non-traditional form factors as well such as kiosks, POS systems and in-car touch screens.   

In addition to native applications, when building a mobile app, you may chose to build a web app or hybrid app. Web apps run on a device’s browser, while hybrid apps fall in the middle of the spectrum between a native app and a web app. Hybrid apps are web apps primarily built using HTML5 and JavaScript, wrapped in a native container providing access to the features on a native platform. Regardless, whatever your reasoning for building a mobile application, as long as the final product is intuitive and feels natural to the user, there is no doubt the application will be adopted well and enjoyed by users. Maestral Solutions offers our clients access to stellar custom mobile application development, tablet application development and widget development services in and around Atlanta. 

Two significant elements in mobile application development, and two of our specialties, is the user interface design and user experience - these can make or break a mobile or tablet application. If the UI design is not easy to understand, user friendly, offers a multitude of intuitive functions and doesn’t drain the device’s battery, then the UX is not optimal and the end user will likely avoid use of the mobile application and eventually look for a replacement. Our extensive knowledge of effective UI design techniques gives us a leg up when it comes to creating mobile apps with an engaging interface and has allowed us to provide several successful mobile and tablet applications to many satisfied clients. To view some of our successes, visit our portfolio page.

Our Atlanta custom mobile app developers design mobile applications for various platforms including (but definitely not limited to): Android, iOS and Phonegap using programming languages that include (but again, not limited to): JavaScript, HTML, C#, CSS, Swift, Objective-C and Ionic. Our front-end development (Angular, Backbone.js, Ember.js, Knockout.js) is supported by extensive back end-services that again use programming languages such as JavaScript and Ruby on Rails.

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What we do

Product development

We specialize in rapid prototyping, which leads to quicker releases that are scalable and secure.

UX design

We deliver a delightful user experience and interfaces with less clicks and less taps.

Product sustainment

We support and maintain existing products with fixes and enhancements.


We serve as knowledgeable guides when transitioning to a DevOps organization.