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Atlanta Georgia Custom Software & New Product Development

At Maestral Solutions, an innovative Atlanta based software development company, our mantra is to never stop learning. Exploring, testing, and developing products using the latest and greatest development technologies comes naturally to us. As a proponent of the "develop once, deploy to many" method, we have a proven system that consistently provides agnostic design and optimal implementation. We also provide developer accelerator tools (sandbox approach) for internal teams to continue enhancing products long after we are gone.

An efficient custom software solution not only will provide an easy, user friendly platform to work from, it should also meet all your unique business requirements in the most creative and intuitive ways, enhancing the overall user experience. During our new product development process, we partner with our clients to take their ideas and concepts from paper to a finished tangible product ready for distribution in their organization or on the open market. Our UX design is well thought out and far surpasses that of our competition. Making UX best practices a priority and putting an emphasis on encompassing our client’s brand experience and integrity, we help our clients extend their brand to just about any form-factor they wish to target.

Understanding that time is money, we employ the collaborative development methodology Agile DevOps, which incorporates the operations team throughout the development process, yielding an innovative custom software solution that meet our clients exact needs from in house operation and modifications to the final internal or external user experience. Our custom software systems can be created as a cross platform software development solution, or if you want your program to work on a single platform like iOS or HTML/ HTML5, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you are looking for a web app, tablet app, mobile app, widget or desktop custom software system, we’ve got the tools and resources to make sure you get exactly what you need. Our experienced Atlanta app developers excel at thinking outside of the box, which leads to inspired custom software programs that are sure to impress.

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What we do

Product development

We specialize in rapid prototyping, which leads to quicker releases that are scalable and secure.

UX design

We deliver a delightful user experience and interfaces with less clicks and less taps.

Product sustainment

We support and maintain existing products with fixes and enhancements.


We serve as knowledgeable guides when transitioning to a DevOps organization.