Machine Learning

Complexity and volume can make it difficult to extract value from big data. Machine learning can help uncover patterns obscured by the noise of large datasets.

From classifying data to building predictive models, we are adept at leveraging both supervised or unsupervised learning coupled with BI analytics to achieve your big data objectives.

Business Intelligence

In addition to Machine Learning, Maestral offers more traditional Business Intelligence (BI) services. Maestral’s BI group delivers meaningful data visualizations built upon industry proven analytical methods. These BI solutions enable your company to attain fresh business insights.

Using state-of-the-art AI algorithms, we help our clients build:

  • Predictive models
  • Data classification
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Pattern and anomaly detection
  • Intelligent chatbots

Achieve greater value from your IoT based projects by including machine learning. Read our white paper on the topic to learn how machine learning enables transformation in the automotive and healthcare industries.

Maestral can help you make the most of your data.

It can often be a challenge to collect and transform data originating from many disparate sources spanning the entire ecosystem. Additionally, data in its raw form is often unmanageable.

We can provide tools and process to help tame an increasingly taxing data landscape. From data streams to event-based messaging systems, Maestral can create a holistic strategy to help you make the most of your data.

We are experts in Python, Scikit, TensorFlow, Keras, Gensim, Hadoop, Tableau, Power BI, AWS, Azure, RabbitMQ, Spark and MS SQL Server.