Internet of Things

The network of connected devices, referred to as the Internet of Things (or IoT), is growing ever more rapidly. This growth brings with it the need for software that can effectively monitor, manage, and control connected devices.

Building these solutions can be a daunting undertaking for even the most resourceful companies. Maestral has been deep into IoT since the early days and can help reduce risk and accelerate innovation.

We deliver a broad spectrum of solutions within the IoT space that can effectively monitor, manage, and control connected devices. We build web and mobile client applications that seamlessly integrate with your IoT platform.

Whether it’s delivering a rich connected car experience or enhancing global management of shipping containers, Maestral is well positioned to help our clients leverage the opportunities within IoT.

Achieve greater value from your IoT based projects by including Machine Learning. Read our white paper on the topic to learn how IoT coupled with Machine Learning enables transformation in the automotive and healthcare industries.

Engage Maestral to rapidly develop and deploy smart, connected solutions.

We are experts in UX/UI Design, NodeJs, React, AngularJS, .NET, Xamarin, native iOS/Android development, AWS and Azure.