How we do it

We have three main engagement models which allow us to provide teams flexible enough for any organization.

Agile Product Development

As the client, you define the product direction and Maestral Solutions manages the development process and delivery. We employ self-sufficient agile pods, which means that we reduce blockage risks and decrease demand on your internal team.

Managed Project Delivery

When you have a discrete project, Maestral Solutions provides the management and services needed to get the job done. We are able to effectively handle increases in the development workload without increasing your internal head count.

Solution Sustainment Program

We are able to support your core team with the process management and technical oversight needed to provide ongoing maintenance and support to existing solutions. This allows for a cost-effective approach to maintaining legacy systems.

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What we do

Product development

We specialize in rapid prototyping, which leads to quicker releases that are scalable and secure.

UX design

We deliver a delightful user experience and interfaces with less clicks and less taps.

Product sustainment

We support and maintain existing products with fixes and enhancements.


We serve as knowledgeable guides when transitioning to a DevOps organization.